Mateo Wines is made up of a team of people who feel priviledged to do what we do, always improving what we most love to later show the world. Quality and innovation defines us, and we grow and further perfect our style in each project that we do.


We support sustainable agricultural practices and respect the environment and biodynamic viticulure.


And so 10 new additions to the Mateo Wines selection were born. A range of products both traditional and modern which perfectly complement any gathering with friends or family.


Where do you want to fly today? We could travel thousands of miles to South Africa, or stay close in Old Europe, how about the South of France, or beautful Italy?


Wine & Fly is is a collection of international wines selected and imported by Mateo Wines, so you can discover some of the best wine regions in the World.


Thanks to these young and expressive wines, you can travel the world and discover the principle virtues of each varietal and it´s region or origin.


South Africa, Chile, Italy and France are some of the destinations you can fly to. In each place you will enjoy the most representative grape, and discover the character that makes that region special.


Fancy a flight with Wine&Fly?